‘The color of water’, the collective exhibition at the RLS Gallery, US.

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Collective Exhibition at the Robert Lange Studios Gallery, South Carolina.
Celebrated the growing field of contemporary watercolor artists with a group show featuring 20 artists from around the world, including this work from Oriol Angrill.

Each author presented multiple works that exemplify their specific style, genre and theme. The exhibition ran during the months of January and February but remains online on this page of the gallery.

These collective and thematic exhibitions, organized annually by Robert Lange Studios, are developed to connect artists from the territory of Charleston with not only collectors, but also with other international creators.

This collective exhibition offers artists a space of convergence where one can observe our time through the works of contemporary artists. The desire is to represent the beauty, color and form of the different styles and artistic manifestations of the exhibitors.

The spirit of freedom presented in this exhibition was the best pretext for each of the artists to release their creativity in search of an expression where each work can transport you to a particular time and space.

All the works represented, with a singular beauty, showed diverse themes that impact aesthetically. They create an integration of space where emotions, identities and expressions are collectively shared.

Included in the program were the artists Laurin McCracken, Dylan Scott Pierce, Alexandra Becker-Black, Joshua Flint, Kerry Brooks, Mario Robinson, Jason Drake, Nick, Runge, Endre Penovac, Matthew Bird, Laurin McCracken, Kevin Taylor, Oriol Angrill Jorda , Katie Green, Adam Lister, Ester Sarto, Michiyo Fukushima, Karl Mårtens, Denny Bond, Melanie Norris and Reuben Negron, to name a few.

‘In Blank’, by Oriol Angrill

Each theme is very personal for the artist both in the selection and in the execution. As each work progresses, a relationship with the piece is created and a unique and personal story begins to evolve.

In this collective exhibition, the artist Oriol Angrill presented the painting ‘In Blank’ (30x40cm $2250, watercolor)

Oriol Angrill’s work deals with themes related to nature that links with portraits. It follows the patterns and the textures it finds and misplaces them to create a new pattern that would not arise naturally.

In this case it is water patterns through a Japanese technique called Suminagashi where ink and soap are combined to create circles on the water surface that deform according to the wind and waves.

The technique of Suminagashi, this marbling process which began in the early 12th century, is also known as floating ink. This art is based on designs with spirals and swirls that are passed to paper, submerged in water that has colored ink floating on the surface.

The artist, with a brush and ink, lightly touches the surface of the water, which creates a circle; then in the same place with another color, or with a dispersant (which is like an invisible ink); this is several times to create the designs. It can literally be translated as “ink that floats”, with which you can draw on the water with subtle movements.

The work of Angrill essentially mixes several concepts, linking or opposing each other in the same image. In some of the series he creates, he perceives himself as trying to unite two examples of beauty: his ideal of feminine beauty and some of the most impressive natural elements. In this sense, he tries to represent them with watercolors or another technique and touch up the color to get an exaggerated sense of reality.

The RSL collective is the second US exhibition for Oriol Angrill in 2018, where it has the main market of followers and customers.